About Slinky

Hi, I’m Slinky, and I live in Hove, near Brighton, UK.

I watch a heck of a lot of films each year. I also bore people to death talking about films. Therefore I decided that blogging every film I see during 2011, would bore more people than I was able to reach in person. I am not fussy about the movies I see and will watch the sublime with the downright dreadful. I just don’t know which is which until I start watching!

Then to add to all the cinema trips, DVDs and TV films I get through, I was challenged to watch every film on the Channel 4 Top 100 War Films list during the year. I am determined to do it, even though war films aren’t my favourite type of film.

So come join me, comment freely and sympathise with me when I have to blog about four-hour long silent movies or anything with Tom Hanks in it.

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