197. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)

Veteran British spy, George Smiley, is brought out of retirement to find a Soviet double agent, who might be one of the top men in the British secret service.

Smiley and his boss, Control, were forced into retirement after an agent was shot and captured in Bulgaria, but when another spy reports that he has been told about a mole within the organisation, then it’s up to Smiley and a few trusted colleagues to track down the guilty party, however high up in the service they might be.

James Bond, this is not – it’s grim, dank, grey and rainy, with the look and feel of 1970’s London captured perfectly. But it’s not just this that conjures up the paranoiac cold war atmosphere, but the acting is impeccable and sublime, from Gary Oldman’s level headed and business-like Smiley, via Benedict Cumberbatch’s Peter Guillam, a man with secrets in his personal life, to the sleazy agent Ricki Tarr, played by Tom Hardy. It’s a cast to be proud of and a classy adaptation of the Le Carre novel.


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