196. The Fog (1980)

The small fishing town on Antonio Bay is celebrating its centenary, when odd things start happening – phones ringing at the same time, lights going on and off, and most mysteriously, a huge fog bank out to sea, that seems to be moving against the wind…

Meanwhile, local priest, Father Malone finds a diary hidden in the walls of his church – as he reads, he discovers that the founding of the town was made possible when six men, his grandfather included, caused a ship carrying gold to flounder on the rocks, killing all on board.

When three local sailors are killed after sailing into the fog bank, the fog rolls right into town, hell-bent on revenge. The ghosts of the sailors have killed three so far, and are set to take another three, for each of the conspirators that sank their vessel.

Unfortunately, the ghosts aren’t very spooky and the fog is too slow to be anything too terrifying. However, some of the ghouls have hooky-hands, which turns it into a more classic gory film than it should. It’s gloomy and atmospheric, even if it’s not the greatest horror ever made.


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