189. A Town Called Panic (2009)

Three toys live in the same house – intelligent Horse, and the not-so bright pair of Indian and Cowboy. With Horse’s birthday coming up soon, the inept pair decide to build him a barbecue in the back garden. First though, they need to buy some bricks. Finding a site on the internet, they order the number they need, but accidentally lean on the zero button a little too much. Fifty turns into fifty million…

Meanwhile, Horse has fallen in love with Madame Longrée, the music teacher at the local school (who also happens, luckily, to be a horse). With truckloads of bricks, collapsing houses, musical animals, and even some aliens thrown in for good luck, this is pretty much one of the maddest films I’ve seen in a long while. It’s anarchic, fast-paced (a jaunty 75 mins) and chaotic. A plastic treat in stop-motion animation.


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