175. Chalet Girl (2010)

I wasn’t really relishing the thought of watching this, another weak looking British rom-com in the style of Love Actually and similar painfully unfunny films.

It does have Bill Nighy, which deserves an extra point, even if he’s playing the same sort of character over again. It does make me wonder how much in the doldrums the British film industry (comedy division) would be in without him, it has to be said.

Chalet Girl, as its name suggests, is set in an Alpine ski resort. Young skateboarder Kim is forced to take a job to support her and her dad when her mum is killed in a car accident. She’s honest, hard-working Inner London poor and totally ill-prepared for the bitchy rich uber-privileged environment in which she is now working. She falls for the son of the family she works for, and discovers a natural talent for snowboarding, but will this end happily ever after?

It’s not a bad film, but it’s not as funny as it could have been – maybe next time, let’s have less romance and more comedy.


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