172. The Ladykillers (1955)

A gang of robbers meet their match in little old lady Mrs Wilberforce, when the ringleader, a dubiously entitled ‘Professor’ Marcus rents a room from her. His four colleagues are welcomed into his room under the pretence of being members of a string quintet, but are in fact planning the perfect heist from Kings Cross station.

Using her as an unknowing stooge in their crime caper, she manages to transport the loot via taxi (and get involved in an incident of her own) to the lodgings, without raising any suspicion from the local constabulary. However, the little old lady isn’t easily fobbed off when she spots the lolly and threatens to call the police. The robbers decide she needs bumping off, but being fairly inept at murder, this doesn’t go exactly according to plan…

The Ladykillers is a classic film from start to finish. The script is tightly written, there are no weak scenes, not one word is wasted, and the cast, including Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom are impeccable. Simply one of the best films ever made.


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