147. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

Film 58 in C4 Top 100 War Films

It was never going to be a film I was looking forward to, but it’s on the War Films list, and now I’m heading into a few films that I’d prefer never to see. I can’t stand Robin Williams. He’s not funny and he’s a bloody awful impressionist. That saying, I liked him in The Night Listener, as he actually acted in that, and not just as himself. However, I also always swore I disliked Tom Hanks, but I soon changed my tune after Saving Private Ryan, so anything can happen.

Ok, rant over. Is Good Morning, Vietnam any good? The best I can say is that it’s pretty poor. Williams is annoying from the outset, and the characters are a bit feeble. When it does turn serious, it turns all moral and a little bit cringe-worthy. Not a good film, and not even one of Williams’ best either. Please never make me watch it again.


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