114. Hanna (2011)

Apart from my miserable time at the cinema (see previous post), I was determined to not let it cloud my judgement of the film. In fact, I really enjoyed Hanna. I know people have been comparing it to The Bourne Identity, and it’s a fair point, but it’s an interesting and unique film in its own right.

Teenager Hanna fully comprehends that she is being trained as an assassin by her father, Erik. So, when given the opportunity, she decides to leave her home in rural Finland and complete the mission set by her father. However, she is soon picked up by intelligence agents where she has to fight for her life. She manages to escape and befriend a British family travelling around North Africa and Europe. But she and Erik are still very much in danger, and she has also inadvertently put an innocent family in the firing line too.

The fight scenes are extremely well done and the action is fast-paced and genuinely exciting. The soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers matches the action perfectly, and Saoirse Ronan is superb in the title role, as is Cate Blanchett as the menacing and extremely scary Marissa. Well worth seeing, but I recommend you support your local arthouse cinema if it’s on there, instead of the over-expensive multiplex.


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