113. The Simpsons Movie (2007)

When the idea of a Simpsons movie was originally mooted, a very large number of people were concerned as to how a tv series which had been going for so long would translate to a feature-length film. As it happens, the challenge to extend into a full story line works very well and is a surprisingly good and entertaining movie.

After he causes an environmental disaster by dumping pig sewage into Lake Springfield, Homer and his family are hounded out of the town and head to Alaska. When they discover that the Environmental Protection Agency are plotting to destroy Springfield to create a new Grand Canyon (and using Tom Hanks to advertise this new tourist spot), the Simpsons head back to save the town and all its residents. Can Homer turn into a hero?

The story flows along very nicely, proving that the Simpsons is not yet a spent force. All the favourite characters from the show are in it, plus the obligatory pitchfork-yielding mob with flaming torches aloft. Hey, it wouldn’t be the Simpsons without that.


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