61. Halloween (1978)

I love horror movies, but it has to be said that I’m not a huge lover of slasher horrors, though it has to be said that Halloween and the earlier seminal horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre both hold their own as being two of the originals and the best of the genre.

After stabbing his sister to death at the age of 6, Michael Myers is sent to a secure mental institution where he falls under the care of psychiatrist Dr Loomis. However, when Michael escapes 25 years later, Dr Loomis realises he’s probably heading back to the scene of his crime, the town of Haddonfield. Sure enough, someone wearing a creepy mask begins following young babysitter, Laurie, but on Halloween, everyone is in disguise, and scary creatures stand on every street corner, except that Michael Myers is genuinely terrifying, and he’s determined to get Laurie and her friends.

As with many Hitchcock movies, it’s not just the visual aspects of the film that give you goose bumps, but also the music that sets the viewer on edge. The theme from Halloween, rather like the violins screeching at the shower scene in Psycho, stays with you long after the end of the film.

But remember, if you ever do have to babysit, ensure you lock the back door, and if the bogeyman does get in, don’t drop the damned knife!


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