24. Brighton Rock (1947)

With the new version of Brighton Rock about to hit the big screen, I decided I’d like to get familiar with the original film and re-watch it.

Fred, an ex-gang member, has to return to Brighton for his job. Within minutes, he’s spotted and is reported back to Pinkie, the teenage leader of the gang. Realising he’s in danger, Fred runs around Brighton trying to get to safety, until he runs into Ida, who promises not to leave him alone “not even for a minute”. However, when Ida does leave briefly on the Palace Pier, Fred comes into direct contact with Pinkie, with dreadful results.

Pinkie discovers that in attempting to give him an alibi at a cafe, one of his colleagues has made a mistake. He meets the young waitress, Rose, and goes about courting the girl to glean exactly what she knows. But Ida is on the case, and is determined that Pinkie will pay for his crimes.

A true film noir, Brighton Rock shows the seedy side of the seaside town. It’s sinister, dark, well-written and well-acted, and it’s a real treat to spot familiar landmarks as they were over 60 years ago. It will be interesting to see if the remake can stand the test of time as well.


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